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The growing adoption of electric vehicles in Spain has highlighted the importance of knowing the location of charging points to ensure a smooth driving experience. In this context, the ZeemGO application has become a fundamental tool for EV drivers by effectively addressing this challenge.

With a network of varied locations, finding the perfect charger for each user becomes essential to continue traveling safely and comfortably. The ZeemGO app not only provides detailed information about the location of charging points, but also adds additional value by allowing users to leave reviews about their experience at each location.

This review functionality not only benefits the community by providing valuable information about the quality and availability of chargers, but also rewards users for their active participation. ZeemGO has implemented a bonus system where users who find and review charging points receive ZeemCoins, the platform’s token. This reward not only serves as recognition for contributing to the growth of the community, but also provides users with the opportunity to redeem their ZeemCoins for a variety of products and services, thus creating a comprehensive and beneficial ecosystem.

This combination of practical utility and tangible rewards demonstrates how ZeemGO effectively addresses the needs of the growing base of electric vehicle drivers in Spain, encouraging greater participation and contributing to the development of a more informed and efficient charging network. The application is positioned as a key ally for those seeking convenient and sustainable electric mobility in the country.

Puntos de recarga, Charging points

How is ZeemCoin useful?

  • Soon you will be able to pay your next top-ups from the mobile application.
  • You can exchange it for products or services, such as renting a Tesla with Future Drive, installing a charging station for your home with Ionclick, planting a tree with Folia Project, etc.
  • Take a look at our Shop to find out more!

Improve the experience of charging points for electric cars

By leaving your review you will find other real opinions of recharging stations with information about the price, waiting time, services in the area, what amenities you find such as: public bathroom, commercial area, restaurants, WiFi, etc.

If you need something, in the “Shop” section you will find chargers, accessories, discounts, promotions, events, entertainment and more, which you can of course pay with ZeemCoins.

An application with which you have real benefits

Within the ZeemGO application you have a virtual wallet where you earn your ZeemCoins (Zero Emission Coins) as time goes by you will be able to see in which global position you are. The benefits of acquiring products and services are real thanks to the alliances that ZeemGO currently has.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By being a user you can participate in its sustainability program, where you can reduce your Carbon Footprint, plant your own tree in the real world and have your own certificates that demonstrate ownership of the tree in question. Join the ZeemValley project!

You are part of an innovative community

Beyond being a mobile application, ZeemGO always shares information about the world of electric mobility in its community. Together we can make the world a little more sustainable by contributing our grain of sand.