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ZeemGO, the leading zero-emission mobility app, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with Unknown Gravity, a renowned software developer who will make the crucial updates to take ZeemGO to new heights. This collaboration, marked by technical excellence and innovation, represents a significant milestone in our mission to promote sustainable mobility throughout Europe.

“At ZeemGO we lead the Sustainable Mobility Revolution”

Borja Moreno, ZeemGO CEO.

At ZeemGO, we not only make finding charging points simpler, but we also lead the way towards a more sustainable future by encouraging community interaction. We promote electric vehicles through initiatives such as “Go Electric”, with the technological support of Unknown Gravity.

“Unknown Gravity was born as architects of a new Digital Experience”

Jesús Sánchez, Unknown Gravity CEO.

Unknown Gravity is working on the ZeemGO application developing innovative features and fundamental updates to significantly improve the user experience. Our technical experience and creativity have been crucial for the evolution of what is to come as very important updates will be implemented that will take the platform to a higher level.

Unknown Gravity

A Collaboration That Transforms the User Experience

This partnership with Unknown Gravity is not simply a collaboration, it is a strategic alliance. ZeemGO and Unknown Gravity are joining forces to deliver a more intuitive, secure and efficient user experience. The updates developed by Unknown Gravity will allow ZeemGO to offer innovative features and stay at the forefront of technology.

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