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The mobile application that makes it easy to find fast electric car charging points and evaluate them is now available in 10 new European countries. The innovative startup has selected the 10 main European countries where electric mobility is most developed to start its expansion in Europe. The selected countries are: Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Portugal, Austria and Poland.

These countries will enjoy the service offered by the ZeemGO mobile application showing all the fast charging infrastructure and in turn offering rewards to electric car drivers in exchange for their evaluations of charging points.

How does the ZeemGO gamification model work?

A user leaves his evaluation of a charging point, earns ZeemCoins that will be saved in his virtual wallet. These ZeemCoins are very useful, thanks to the alliances that ZeemGO is constantly closing with companies within the electric mobility industry such as renting a Tesla, planting a tree, purchasing a charger for your home or buying an electric motorcycle with a special discount.

What do you find in the ZeemGO application?

  • Maps and location

Find the area that interests you the most and find the fastest charger for your electric car. The data displayed in the ZeemGO application is in real time, so it is constantly being updated.

  • Reviews

Connect with a community of electric car drivers who leave their opinion about the chargers they usually use.

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  • Leader Board

As you evaluate electric car chargers, you will earn ZeemCoins and you will climb on the podium of the same application. You will be able to see how other drivers are doing compared to you.

  • Digital Wallet

The ZeemCoins that you generate from your evaluations of charging points for electric cars are automatically saved in the ZeemGO wallet. These ZeemCoins you can use to exchange them for a wide range of products and services in the ZeemGO Shop.

ZeemGO Future; Europe and beyond

ZeemGO is at the forefront of innovation in the electric mobility space, with a long-term vision supported by a number of exciting projects planned for the coming years. The recent launch of its innovative app marks just the beginning of an ambitious agenda that aims to transform and improve the experience of electric vehicle users across Europe.

Among the notable projects is the planned expansion into 10 additional European countries. This strategic step not only seeks to increase ZeemGO’s geographic presence, but also to enrich the platform’s database with more information and user ratings, thus creating an even more robust and useful network for the electric vehicle community.

The ZeemGO app is conceived as a comprehensive tool that goes beyond simply evaluating fast chargers. The long-term vision involves the incorporation of new features and services that improve the overall electric mobility experience, such as optimized routes, real-time information on charger availability, and integration with other sustainable mobility solutions.

These projects not only demonstrate ZeemGO’s ambition, but also underline the dynamics and continued growth of the electric mobility sector. The openness to new possibilities and ideas reflects a sector that adapts quickly to technological evolution and the changing demands of users. ZeemGO is positioned as a key driver in this ecosystem, leading the way towards a more sustainable and connected future for electric mobility in Europe and beyond.