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Hand in hand with ZeemGO, the Spanish brand manufacturer Velca enters the Blockchain world to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Europe. From now on all ZeemGO users will obtain exclusive benefits when buying any product from the Velca catalog in Europe. This was announced on October 25, 2022 on Tutellus Day by Borja Moreno, CEO of ZeemGO and Jorge Bialade, Head of Growth at Velca.

What is the value added by this partnership?

Users will be able to access up to a 13% discount on the PVP of the vehicle in services and accessories associated with it. In this sense, all users who buy a Velca in Europe with ZeemCoins will have free access to registration and a helmet. This generates a saving of approximately €300 per vehicle.


About Velca

Velca is the Spanish brand of 100% electric motorcycles, with removable batteries that you charge like your mobile, generating a positive impact in cities. 0 emissions and 0 noise. Velca was founded in February 2020 and since then they have delivered more than 300 electric vehicles. Also, in the month of May, they managed to position themselves as the leading brand in Spain in registrations of electric mopeds. Today they have 16 points of sale for their vehicles throughout the country.

About ZeemGO

ZeemGO has established itself as a leading platform in the electric mobility industry, emerging as the equivalent of Tripadvisor in this sector. Its presence has spread across 11 European countries, providing EV users with a valuable tool to evaluate and share experiences about the status and services related to public EV fast chargers.

What sets ZeemGO apart is its innovative approach to the business model. Through the user rating process, users not only contribute to the community by sharing useful information, but are also rewarded with ZeemCoins. These tokens have a monetary value, which adds an additional element of incentive for users to actively participate in the platform.

The usefulness of ZeemCoins goes beyond simply being a reward. These tokens can be used as a form of points to pay for other products and services, thus creating an interconnected ecosystem within the ZeemGO platform. This feature not only encourages continued user engagement, but also strengthens the community by offering tangible benefits to those who contribute their experiences and opinions.

ZeemGO’s expansion internationally and its focus on active user participation, backed by a reward in the form of ZeemCoins, demonstrates how the platform has managed to integrate blockchain technology and electric mobility to create a unique and beneficial experience for users. users of electric vehicles in Europe.

Jorge Bialade, Velca Head of Growth:

“Velca is the first European manufacturer to accept tokens as a form of payment and we have seen surprising adoption. Together with ZeemGO we are expanding the offer, adding real value to users. This partnership is, without a doubt, the kickoff to continue developing sustainable business models through technology”.

Borja Moreno Candau, ZeemGO CEO:

“This agreement gives ZeemCoin a real utility, adding value by offering better purchase conditions for a leading brand in the electric motorcycle market. Together ZeemGO and Velca are driving mobility towards a zero emissions future through ZeemGO”.