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  • ZeemGO has been selected by Emprendedores magazine as one of the 50 most innovative companies of the year 2022.
  • In the seventh edition of these awards, ZeemGO has been recognized among more than 200 Spanish startups to be part of this prestigious list.
  • It is not the first time that the ZeemGO project has been recognized, this 2022 we have been recognized nationally and internationally by various media, as one of the startups with the most potential and best developed.

Emprendedores is the most widely read economics publication in Spain, ahead of all economics magazines and newspapers. Its focus on business management and the support of the entrepreneur make it a unique magazine. ZeemGO has caught the attention of this magazine since its business model is totally innovative and is evolving exponentially.


How did the ZeemGO business idea come about?

At present, 91% of the world population breathes highly polluted air and 23% of CO2 emissions come from the transport sector, climate change is potentially the most devastating and difficult problem that we have faced during our existence and the Mobility is by far the best solution to fight climate change and improve air quality.

Over time, the electric mobility industry has undergone a transformation. However, there is still a long way to go if we talk about quality and services around electric mobility. This is where ZeemGO appears with the aim of solving these problems by improving the customer and electric car user experience through Gamification, Big Data and Blockchain, which is integrated into its mobile application.

Who or who set it in motion? When?

ZeemGO was founded at the beginning of 2022 by Borja Moreno Candau, a Spanish businessman with extensive experience in the digitalization and electric mobility sectors, as well as a great passion for Blockchain since 2017 and Peter Van Praet, former CEO of EV-Box with 20 years of experience in creating international technology companies in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Why this business idea?

30 years ago when you went to a restaurant you didn’t know if it was suitable for going with children, if it was vegan, the hours, the average price, if it was suitable for going with pets,…. All this information is available today thanks to Tripadvisor. The electric mobility sector is in a similar situation, there is no data to decide where to go to charge beyond the power of the charger, the price and the location, and this is a great obstacle to adoption.

That is where we saw the need when, one day traveling with my 100% electric car, I found myself at 12 at night in an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere with 3 children in the back seat and there were no bars or bathrooms. nothing to do, and in a somewhat unsafe location. So I thought of joining the Blockchain as a drive to Gamify the acquisition of data by drivers with the aim of making life easier for drivers and promoting electric mobility.Borja comments

And the competition?

Currently on the market we can find applications with electric charging maps, but none that integrate a gamification system and that have a decentralized application (dApp) integrated with its mobile application. ZeemGO is the only mobile application in the electric mobility sector in which you earn rewards in the form of ZeemCoin to later be able to use it by exchanging it for different products and services.

What plans, in the medium and long term, does ZeemGO have in mind?

ZeemGO hopes to become the most widely used app to find fast charging points in Europe. In the long term it will become the standard EV charging payment in Europe as well as a digital asset with a very strong store of value due to an exponential burn-in model that makes ZeemCoin follow a deflationary model and have a great value. attractive to investors.

What other recognitions has ZeemGO had?

  • ZeemGO has been chosen among more than 80 startups, as one of the 4 most innovative startups with the most projection in the Hubject emobility Startup award.
  • ZeemGO has been chosen as a finalist at the Barcelona New Economy Week, as one of the best 4 startups in the electric mobility sector.
  • ZeemGO has received a non-refundable grant from the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) through the MOVES III plan. It has also been stipulated as a reference project.

In which countries is it available?

ZeemGO is currently available in Spain as well as in the most developed countries in the adoption of electric vehicles in Europe such as France, England, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Why use ZeemGO?

ZeemGO is the first tokenized platform in the electric mobility sector, it collects quality data and charging experience from the public fast charger network in Europe through its mobile application and its community of electric car drivers. This information helps to improve the user experience when charging their car on public roads and consequently drives the adoption of electric vehicles, gradually bringing us closer to a future with emission-free transport.

ZeemGO users will provide valuable information about charging points; evaluate the correct operation and quality of the charger, indicate possible aspects to improve, report incidents to be solved (a cable in poor condition, deteriorated screen…) or indicate nearby services (hotels, restaurants, parks, gardens…) are some of the actions that ZeemGO users can perform to provide information. This information will be rewarded by ZeemCoins to the user who contributes it.