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ZeemGO and the Portuguese association UVE sign an alliance to promote electric mobility in Portugal. Both entities intend to accelerate the adoption of the electric vehicle in Spain, providing greater knowledge to its users. This adoption implies improving the public charging experience for electric vehicle users.

To do this, ZeemGO has developed an application in which users of electric vehicles can evaluate public chargers in Spain. In turn, for each charger evaluated, ZeemGO will reward users with ZeemCoins. This token has different possibilities of use for the user and aspires to become the payment standard for fast recharging in Europe.

Due to the fact that both entities follow the same principles, an agreement is established between them in which ZeemGO undertakes to guarantee the privacy of the personal data collected from UVE members and to provide 100 ZeemCoins to the first 300 UVE members who download the application and carry out a complete evaluation of a charging point. For its part, UVE undertakes to disseminate and communicate the agreement so that all its members are aware of it.

Henrique Sanchez, President of UVE:

“This agreement with ZeemGO is an important step in the dissemination of electric mobility electric mobility and the extension and improvement of the electric vehicle charging network in Europe, thus accelerating the electrification of road transport.”

Borja Moreno Candau, CEO of ZeemGO:

“We are proud to be able to collaborate with an association of the prestige of UVE, the best association in the electric mobility sector in Portugal, with which we share many ideas and principles to make the world a better place.”


About ZeemGO

ZeemGO, the first tokenized platform in the electric mobility sector, collects data on the quality and fast charging experience of the European network of public chargers through its mobile application and its community of electric car drivers. This information helps improve the user experience when charging their vehicle on public roads and consequently drives the adoption of electric vehicles, moving us closer to a zero-emissions transport future.

ZeemGO aspires to be the most complete platform thanks to the information it generates through Gamification, Blockchain and Big Data. ZeemGO users will provide valuable information about charging points; Assess the correct operation and quality of the charger, indicate possible aspects to improve, report incidents to be resolved (a cable in poor condition, a damaged screen…) or indicate nearby services (hotels, restaurants, parks, gardens…) are some of the actions that ZeemGO users can perform to provide information. These evaluations will be rewarded with ZeemCoins for the user who provides them.

About UVE

Since its foundation on December 6, 2015, UVE – Association of Electric Vehicle Users has become a reference entity for electric vehicle users and Electric Mobility enthusiasts in Portugal. UVE is a non-profit organization and Public Utility Entity, with the mission of promoting electric mobility. It arose from the need to officially represent and give a voice to an already significant community of owners, users and supporters of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids in Portugal.

The UVE aims to promote electric mobility by disseminating:

  • Sales of electric vehicles in Portugal
  • Innovations in the market
  • Organisation of meetings
  • Conferences and training actions on electric mobility:
  • The vehicles
  • Driving
  • Batteries
  • Charging systems
  • Promotion and dissemination of public and private charging infrastructures.
  • Building a policy solution of public incentives.