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Today we want to remember an event that marked a milestone in the history of ZeemGO: the exciting and successful Road Trip that we carried out in its first edition, where travelling by electric car became a reality. It was a trip full of adventures, discoveries and, above all, the irrefutable proof that it is possible to travel long distances in an electric car using our innovative ZeemGO application.

Travelling 2,200 km with a 100% electric car

For more than 2,200 km, our brave ambassador, Miguel Zarzuela, travelled the roads of Spain and Portugal at the wheel of a 100% electric Opel Corsa. His mission was simple, but ambitious: to evaluate the public fast charging network and show everyone that the future of sustainable mobility is closer than we imagine.

From the first articles we shared about this exciting journey, expectations were sky high. Miguel took us by the hand through the first six stages, where he visited cities such as Zaragoza, Madrid, Plasencia, Lisbon, the Algarve and Huelva.

Each stop was an opportunity to assess the quality of the charging infrastructure and share with us all his experiences and anecdotes from the road, especially how it felt to travel in an electric car.

After leaving Plasencia, Miguel embarked on a journey of almost 400 km to Lisbon, evaluating different charging points on Portuguese soil.

Miguel crossed from Spain to Portugal via the Cedillo hydroelectric plant, the only private road crossing that remained closed after the removal of border control in the Schengen zone. This route is now only open on weekends during daylight hours to avoid a detour of more than 120 km via the nearest border crossing.

During this phase, four chargers at different locations were evaluated. Among them, the EDP McDonalds charger in Abrantes stood out as the best, as it offered a charging speed of 60 kW, was located next to a good restaurant and had quick access from the highway. On the other hand, the Endesa X charger in Casar de Cáceres presented some difficulties, as the theoretical charging speed was 200 kWh, but in practice it only achieved between 50 and 60 kWh.

In terms of safety, Miguel assured that he felt safe at all times during this stage, and highlighted the good accessibility of all the chargers, which were located close to the fast lanes.

The focus of the trip changed a little. Instead of following a direct route, Miguel decided to explore the surroundings of Lisbon, passing through places such as Amadora, Sintra and Azenhas do Mar. During this tour, he evaluated four other chargers, including the EDP McDonalds charger at Sintra Retail Park, which allowed simultaneous charging on CCS and CHAdeMO and offered optimal charging speed. On the other hand, the Prio charger at the A16.

Finding the best chargers to continue the adventure

Miguel mentioned that he felt safe throughout this stage and appreciated the good accessibility of the chargers, located close to the main roads. He also took the opportunity to visit the famous Pena Castle, located at the top of the Sintra hill, enjoying the regenerative braking of his electric vehicle on the way back.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing. In the final stages, our focus turned to the beautiful Canary Islands. On the last stage, which took us from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to San Sebastian de la Gomera, Miguel faced some challenges with the Iberdrola chargers in La Gomera, which were not yet operational.

However, that did not stop us. Today, with great joy, we can say that all chargers on the island are active and ready to boost electric mobility. Miguel proved that short distances in the archipelago were not an obstacle for electric vehicles, as their autonomy was more than enough.

Road Trip

Finally, on the last leg, we headed from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, evaluating chargers in different locations. Although there were a few hiccups with the availability of some chargers, this did not dampen our enthusiasm or our determination. Throughout the trip, we felt safe and confident in the charging network.

Yes, we managed to survive the Road Trip

Today, as we look back fondly on that incredible Road Trip, we can proudly say that we achieved our goal. We proved, once again, that it is possible to travel by electric car and that the charging infrastructure is more than ready to accompany us in this exciting transition to a more sustainable future.

We would like to thank Miguel for leading this adventure with passion and professionalism, and also all the readers who accompanied us along each stage. But it doesn’t end here. Stay tuned, because ZeemGO is ready to write new chapters and share new news and adventures. Together, we are climbing towards a zero-emissions future, and this first Road Trip was a big step in that direction.

Let’s remember the success of the first edition of the ZeemGO Road Trip and celebrate the power of electric mobility!