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With the growing interest in electric mobility, more and more drivers are switching to electric cars. However, the transition from a combustion vehicle to an electric car may require some adjustments in the way you drive. In this article, we give you key tips on how to drive an electric car efficiently and get the most out of this experience.

Let us begin!

1. Take advantage of the energy regeneration of your electric car

One of the advantages of electric cars is the ability to regenerate energy while braking or decelerating. Take advantage of this feature by using the regenerative braking function, which converts kinetic energy into electricity and stores it in the battery. This will allow you to maximize the range of your electric car.

How does it work? Once you step on the pedal, it allows the battery of your electric car to recharge, the energy generated in this operation is transformed into electricity.

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2. Plan your routes and charging stops

It is important to plan your routes and take into account the charging points available along the way. Use mobile apps, like the free ZeemGO app, to find nearby charging stations and make sure you have enough range to reach your destination. Planning your charging stops will allow you to maintain peace of mind and enjoy a worry-free trip.

Choose applications that are integrated with Google Maps and Waze so that your route planning does not have any errors and you arrive on time at your destination.

3. Accelerate smoothly and steadily

Harsh acceleration can reduce the energy efficiency of your electric car. Try to accelerate smoothly and steadily, allowing the electric powertrain to work efficiently. In addition, it avoids unnecessary acceleration to preserve the battery charge.

4. Maintain a constant speed on the highway

Maintaining a constant speed on the highway is a great way to maximize the efficiency of your electric car. Avoid frequent acceleration and braking and use cruise control when possible. By maintaining a constant speed, you can make the most of your battery life.

5. Take advantage of charging at low consumption times

If you have the option of charging your electric car at home, take advantage of times of low energy consumption, such as at night. Many power companies offer cheaper rates during these periods, allowing you to charge your car more cost-effectively.

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6. Enhance your experience by downloading a mobile app

If you are looking to improve your driving experience, it is good to have downloaded at least one application related to electric mobility.

ZeemGO is a free mobile application focused on improving the experience of electric car drivers. This application will provide you with information about the location of fast charging points in Europe and other services related to electric mobility in its virtual store. What is interesting is the rewards it gives you for leaving your opinion.

With these tips in mind, you will be ready to drive your electric car efficiently and enjoy all the benefits that electric mobility offers. Make the transition to a more sustainable future and enjoy the experience of driving an electric car.

Driving an electric car may require some adjustments in the way you drive, but with the right advice, you can enjoy this experience to the fullest. Whether you’re interested in taking care of the environment or just want to save money on fuel, driving an electric car is a great option. Make the transition to a more sustainable future and enjoy the experience of driving an electric car!