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Now you can rent a Tesla in Spain with your ZeemCoins. ZeemGO, the mobile application where you can find the best charging points, has announced its collaboration agreement with FutureDrive. As a result of this association, the ZeemCoins that you generate in your mobile application are valid to rent a Tesla in Spain.

Generating ZeemCoins through ZeemGO has been designed to be an easy and rewarding process for users. In the initial phase of this exciting initiative, ZeemGO has implemented a bonus system to incentivize users to share valuable reviews about the status of charging points throughout Spain. This process, which takes less than 3 minutes, becomes a quick and effective way to accumulate ZeemCoins while contributing to the community of electric vehicle users.

The intuitive interface of the ZeemGO app allows users to rate various aspects with a star system and provide detailed feedback on the quality of the chargers as well as the facilities and services in the surrounding environment. This comprehensive approach not only helps other users make informed decisions about where to charge their electric vehicles, but also contributes to the continuous improvement of the public charger network.

Instant gratification is another distinctive feature of this system: once a user has left their review, ZeemCoins are immediately added to their virtual wallet within the app. This transparency and speed strengthen ZeemGO’s relationship with its users, providing a rewarding and encouraging experience.

As the user continues to participate and accumulate ZeemCoins over time, they can clearly track their progress through the app, adding a motivating element to continue contributing to the community and benefit from the tangible rewards offered by ZeemGO. This innovative approach not only improves user engagement but also strengthens the quality of information available on the platform, thereby driving electric mobility towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

A token which you redeem for products and services

The application has been designed by Solid Studio, a specialized software development company and leader in the field of electric mobility with previous clients such as Volvo, Hubject, Ave Mobility, Grand Vission and more.

ZeemGO’s interface is simple and intuitive, it follows the same logic as many sites where you leave your review and you can read previous user reviews such as the TripAdvisor platform. The big difference is that you earn ZeemCoins for leaving your opinion about the charging point.

The collaboration between ZeemGO and FutureDrive opens the possibility of living a rental Tesla driving experience, if you live in Madrid or Barcelona, in Spain you have at your disposal the rental of a Tesla model such as: Model S, Model 3, Model X , and Model Y. When it is available in Europe we will also have the Tesla Cybertruck for rent.


A Tesla as if it were yours with FutureDrive

The rental can be contracted from 3 to 30 days a month, without long-term stays. They are zero CO2 emissions and save up to 30% compared to traditional renting. Tesla SuperCharger charges are included and you can forget about fuel charges. The Tesla rental service in Spain can be contracted with FutureDrive paying in ZeemCoins.