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In the era of evolution of electric and sustainable mobility, efficient charging management is essential. Fortunately, having a charging point application on your mobile phone is making this task much easier. In this article we will explore, in detail, what they are for and why today it is considered an essential tool for electric car drivers, since no matter where you go, it will always give you confidence to know that you will find a charging point in your way.

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1. Location of charging points

One of the main advantages of having an application downloaded to your mobile phone that has maps with different charging points is its ability to locate nearby charging stations, in a simple and fast way. You simply enter your location or destination and the app will show you all the available stations near your area. This eliminates the worry of running out of range in the middle of a trip and allows you to make informed decisions about where and when to charge your electric vehicle.

2. Route planning from the application

A charging point app also allows you to plan multiple routes for your trip. You can enter your destination and the app will calculate the most convenient route, taking into account charging stations along the way. Many applications link the route proposal with other applications such as Waze or Google. This is especially useful for long trips, as it ensures that you always have access to charging points when you need them.

3. Information about charging points in real time

A notable feature of these applications is the ability to provide real-time information on the availability of charging stations. This means you can check if they have moved a charging point or how long it might take to charge your vehicle. Some apps even allow you to reserve a charging space if it is supported by the station and also complete the entire payment process within the same app.

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4. Charging network diversity

A charging point application is not limited to a single charging network. Instead, it integrates multiple networks, giving you access to a wide variety of charging stations, both public and private. This is essential as each charging network may have different charging rates and speeds. The application helps you find the best option according to your needs and preferences, depending on where you are.

5. Load monitoring and control

These applications also allow monitoring and control of the charging of your electric vehicle. You can start and see how the charging is going remotely, for example, you can go have a coffee while you leave the car charging. From your charging point application you will be able to see by what percentage the charge is, to calculate how long it will take you to return. In many applications you have notifications when charging is complete or when there is a problem with the station.

6. Detailed station information

In addition to location, these apps often provide detailed information about charging stations. This may include the type of connector available, charging speed, rates, and feedback from other users. There are applications like ZeemGO that collect different opinions from multiple electric car drivers and help the user make an informed decision about where to charge their electric vehicle.

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7. Compatibility

Most of these apps are available on multiple platforms, meaning you can access them from your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer. This provides great flexibility and convenience, as you can plan your trips and manage your loads from any device.


In short, charging point applications have become an indispensable tool for electric vehicle drivers. It makes it easy to locate charging stations, route planning, charge management and provides essential charging time information. If you have an electric vehicle or are considering transitioning to one, be sure to take advantage of these apps to make your electric driving experience even more comfortable and efficient.