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We are pleased to announce a new addition to the ZeemGO team, Jesús Sánchez! Our new CTO, Jesús, will be responsible for establishing a technology strategy aligned to ZeemGO’s commercial and business strategy, driving our application to have a higher adoption.

Jesús Sánchez: Professional career

Jesús is a computer engineer with specialization in information systems, full-stack developer, with experience in Web3 startups, project management and cloud systems. He has also worked for companies in Dubai and Switzerland in the blockchain sector.

Jesús Sánchez

Jesús Sanchéz has more than ten years of experience as a professional programmer and two years in the blockchain field.

Jesús worked for several years as a system administrator at CODE21, where he was responsible for analysis and project management, as well as web programming and management of servers such as VMWare ESXi, SSH, FTP, DNS and email. In the field of blockchain technology he has been involved in the project “Dark Earth”, a unique blockchain platform being responsible for the development of Smart Contracts, front-end with REACT.JS, APIs in PHP, using AWS as a base for all services.

He has worked for BEE3, a Dubai based company, in the area of blockchain programming, developing Smart Contracts, dApps with React, APIs with NodeJS and Express, and deployed the services on AWS.

He also worked for Mythical Beings and Jelurida (Ardor blockchain), located in Switzerland, developing a web wallet and bridges for ERC-20 (tokens) and ERC-1155 (NFTs).

For ZeemGO this is a great addition, pushing the project to another level.

ZeemGO’s new approach

The ZeemGO Roadmap is tight, we have recently launched a new and important update to our app, where we integrated a shop where our users can redeem their earned ZeemCoins for their reviews of different electric car charging points, but that’s not all, we have also brought improvements to our dApp so that our most tech savvy users can have a better experience and soon we will launch the possibility to pay for charging your car from the ZeemGO App itself, either paying with euros or with ZeemCoins.

Looking to improve and make our token the standard payment method for European sustainable mobility services, additions such as Jesús’ add great value.

For his part, Borja Moreno, CEO of ZeemGO comments on the process of incorporating Jesús.

“We could say that the planets have aligned for us to change the world together! It all started at an event organised by Blockchain Málaga where we met and quickly, in a matter of minutes, we saw that we were totally complementary. We realised that together we could have a great impact, as we brought together several megatrends that are growing exponentially and of which we are experts.

The addition of Jesus to the ZeemGO project comes at a perfect time in which bringing the non-crypto user closer to sustainable mobility and vice versa is a challenge, so together we are going to look for simple and scalable solutions for the ZeemGO project to give access to both driving the adoption of electric vehicles in Europe.”

Finally, Jesús Sanchéz new CTO of ZeemGO comments on his vision when joining the team.

“I am excited to join this highly innovative, dynamic and disruptive team as their new CTO. I look forward to collaborating with them to take ZeemGO to the next level.

While we certainly face big challenges ahead, I have full confidence that together we can achieve amazing things. As CTO, I will focus on driving innovation and efficiency in everything we do. I will work hard to improve and expand our products and solutions to exceed our users’ expectations, to become a market leader and bring eMobility and blockchain adoption closer to the real world.

Let’s go for it!”

The ZeemGO team will continue to work to drive the future of electric mobility and improve people’s experience of adopting sustainable mobility.