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Welcome to a new electric summer season with ZeemGO! During the warmer months, getting the most out of your electric car’s charge is essential to enjoying sustainable and efficient mobility.

Optimizing the charge of your electric car in summer is of vital importance for the driver, as it guarantees a more efficient and convenient driving experience. With high temperatures, the battery can affect its performance and autonomy, so planning to charge at cooler times or using reconditioning technologies helps to maintain an optimal level of energy.

In addition, by avoiding overloading at times of high electricity demand, waiting times at charging stations are prevented. With this practice, drivers can enjoy a carefree summer, making the most of their electric car and contributing to caring for the environment. In this article, we provide you with the best tips to optimize the charging of your electric vehicle and make the most of its performance at this time of year.

1. Plan your routes in advance

Before embarking on any trip, planning the routes and locating the charging stations on your way is essential. With the help of the ZeemGO app, you’ll be able to locate reliable charging points nearby, ensuring you never run out of power in the middle of your adventures.

2. Smart charging: Cooler and scheduled hours

Summer heat can affect battery charging efficiency. For this reason, we recommend that you charge your electric car during the coolest hours of the day, such as at night or early in the morning. Plus, take advantage of your vehicle’s scheduled charging features to charge during low electric rate hours, saving as you charge!

Charge electric car Carga coche eléctrico

3. Charge your rlrctric car up to 80-90%

Although it may seem tempting to charge the battery to 100%, it is preferable to keep it between 80% and 90% of its capacity in summer. Charging to 100% can generate a temperature increase in the battery, affecting its useful life. Optimizing charging will prolong the life of your battery and ensure optimum performance in the long run.

Plan charging based on your daily needs, use charging scheduled to finish just before use, and take advantage of the cheapest electric rates overnight. Avoid excessive fast charging and monitor the process to stop it when it reaches the desired percentage.

4. Park in the shade

Avoid exposing your electric car directly to the sun by parking it in shady places. In this way, you will reduce the internal temperature of the vehicle and the battery, preserving its efficiency and prolonging its durability.

5. Keep the cooling system in optimal conditions

Certain models of electric cars have active cooling systems for the battery. Make sure this system is working properly and keeping the coolant at the proper level. Proper cooling ensures optimal battery performance even on the hottest days.

Coche eléctrico, Electric car

6. Perform regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of your electric car is essential for optimum performance. Periodically check the battery, tires and charging system to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. A well-maintained vehicle is not only safer, but also more efficient.

At ZeemGO, we are committed to developing sustainable solutions for mobility. We are working tirelessly on our app to offer you an even more complete and versatile application, which includes not only finding charging points, but also more functions related to sustainable transport.

Get ready for an electric and sustainable summer with ZeemGO! 🌞🚗 Don’t wait any longer and download ZeemGO app to enjoy an electric summer! With our tips to optimize the charging of your electric car this season, you will be ready to explore new destinations without worries.