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At DES 2023, ZeemGO wins Best Digital Startup award at The Scale Up World Summit and is recognized by La Salle Technova as NEBEXT‘s Best Startup 2023. We have great news to share with our ZeemGO community! We recently won the Best Digital Startup award at The Scale Up World Summit at DES | Digital Enterprise Show. We are truly thrilled and honored to have been recognized at this prestigious event!

In addition, we were also recognized by La Salle Technova as NEBEXT’s Best Startup 2023. This is another great achievement for us and we are grateful for the support we have received along our way.

This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. Since the launch of ZeemGO, our goal has been to revolutionize the world of electric mobility and we are proud to see that our efforts have been recognized.

Startups and Entrepreneurs: What is DES?

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) is one of the most important international events that brings together industry leaders, entrepreneurs and technology experts to discuss the latest trends in digital transformation.

This event takes place annually, and brings together more than 18,000 professionals from around the world. The main objective of the DES is to provide a forum for discussion of the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.


The Scale Up World Summit

The Scale Up World Summit is an event that takes place within the framework of DES and focuses on startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and expand globally. At this event, the world’s most innovative and promising companies are featured and given the opportunity to connect with investors, mentors and other industry leaders.

At The Scale Up World Summit, ZeemGO was selected as the Best Digital Startup, a recognition that highlights its innovation and leadership in the electric mobility industry.

La Salle Technova

La Salle Technova is an innovation and entrepreneurship center that works with startups and companies to help them develop innovative products and services. At its annual NEBEXT event, La Salle Technova recognizes the most innovative and promising companies of the future.

In The Scale Up World Summit space, NEBEXT recognized ZeemGO as one of the Best Startups 2023, highlighting its power in the electric mobility industry.

The future of ZeemGO

We are excited to continue growing, reaching new goals. Thank you all for your support and trust in ZeemGO. But this is just the beginning. ZeemGO is committed to innovation and is constantly working on new ways to improve the experience for electric car drivers and offer cutting-edge services for its entire community. Join us in our mission to promote sustainable mobility!

In addition, we will soon be implementing new features in our application, such as the possibility of paying for the charging of your electric vehicle from your mobile device. As always, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our users and we are excited to continue advancing our mission to promote sustainable mobility.

Don’t wait any longer and join the ZeemGO community. Download our app now and start enjoying the benefits of driving an electric vehicle in a sustainable and efficient way.

Help improve the electric car charging network by downloading ZeemGO now and joining our community where you can find the news of our project.