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In a previous article we talked about how to charge your electric car. In this article we will tell you about the news that Hubject brings us regarding recharging, Plug&Charge.

Current charging process

Let’s see what you have to do today to charge your car at a charging station. First you will have to download a general application or a native one, corresponding to the charging point according to the provider, to access the payment method.

Native applications can be more effective when it comes to locating charging points and sometimes offer more direct payment methods through a credit card. However, the big advantage of general applications, such as ZeemGO, over native ones is that we have a large community of drivers who are constantly participating. This is reflected in the application itself where you have access to the comments of other users that can provide you with valuable information on, for example, if it has failed lately, if there are entertainment venues nearby, etc.

Once you have one or more of these apps downloaded, they work very similarly. First you look for the charging point that suits you best in the application, when you arrive you will have to interact with the station’s screen and then connect the plug to the car. At this point we will need to open the application to specify the charger, the type of recharge, how much we want to charge and thus be able to start charging. When the download is complete, the payment is made.

Recarga, carga, charge


Hubject brings us Plug&Charge to simplify charging electric cars. With Plug&Charge you will be able to arrive at the charging station, plug in the connector, charge and go, since the entire authentication process is automated, you will not need to download several applications or have several cards.

How does it work?

The moment you plug the recharging connector into your car, an automatic process is carried out that goes from authentication to payment. First, the connection is established, thus detecting the plan that has been contracted for the type of recharge and then an authentication is carried out automatically. This process only takes a few seconds and your car will begin to charge. When the top-up is complete, the price is calculated and the invoice automatically arrives.

Data security

Hubject ensures that the process is secure and that the data is protected at all times. Traditional payment methods have security weaknesses that can affect privacy or loss. Plug&Charge has established itself as the most secure authentication method.


It is very important that operators guarantee interoperability as it is essential to promote electric mobility. Interoperability guarantees comfort, accessibility and security for everyone involved in the charging process. When multiple ecosystems become available, interoperability will become a prerequisite for a seamless charging experience.